Marc Hoffenscher Architecture wins international “Outstanding Property Award London” with Office Building Hoffenscher, Dornbirn

Courage is key for Marc Hoffenscher’s architecture firm: courage for individuality, for visions, for innovative paths.

All projects of the Vorarlberg based firm share an awareness for quality and the aspiration to create unique and charismatic places: from the combined doctor’s practice and residential building Überschneidungsraum (Hohenems, 2015) to the detached family home Raumband (Dornbirn, 2017) and the residential estates Strickwerk (Dornbirn, 2019) and Färberhof (Dornbirn, 2019).

The architecture company has continued its visionary architectural path with the planning and building of its own Office Building Hoffenscher (Dornbirn, 2020). It was recently awarded the global “Opal Award/Outstanding Property Award London” in the category “Architectural Design of the Year 2022” thus making the firm a fifth time winner of this prestigious award (Überschneidungsraum, 2020, Raumband, 2020, Strickwerk, 2021, and Färberhof, 2021).

The 31-member jury chose Hoffenscher’s exceptional building in Dornbirn from 600 submitted projects from 52 nations:
The structure [...] behaves standing and flying, it is closed and open, smooth, and porous. These contrasts complement each other to form a space of possibilities, probabilities, visions and remind us of what architecture can be, the jury explained its selection.

The award-winning office building is part of Färberhof, a residential complex in Dornbirn – also designed by Marc Hoffenscher’s firm – and is conceived as “open space”, a place for experimental design and public discourse.

Residential complex Färberhof

Färberhof is located on a property belonging to a former industrial zone that is given a new character by the complex. The area should confidently develop its own identity without forgetting or negating traditional values and the history of the place, states Marc Hoffenscher.

Since they could not find a property developer who wanted to realize the ideas of the architecture firm, the property owners founded a development company together with the architects and built the estate themselves. This way it was possible to realize the project consistently according to the shared vision. Places with a strong identity don’t create themselves. There must be the will to create, says the architect.

Färberhof was designed with the intention to create new accents in housing with more open spaces, generous green areas and an unconventional layout. The complex consists of 29 apartments in three buildings that face each other in a way that the maximum sun exposure onto the terraces is guaranteed. From the very beginning the green areas in the shape of plant troughs installed on floor level were planned as part of the facade. The exterior stair cases on the backside of the three residential buildings are protected by a sight and weather protection made from perforated plate. There are three spacious communal rooms, a playground, a bicycle workshop, a park with water games and parking spaces for e-cars: It is our goal to create an advanced living space that combines high-quality architecture with precious usable space in a new way. We see a potential in this housing community that creates more possibilities and open spaces for the individual. “Everyone’s benefit for as many as possible” is our most important guide-line (Marc Hoffenscher).

Residential Estate Strickwerk

Another successful example for innovative housing that was designed by Marc Hoffenscher and his team, is Strickwerk (Dornbirn, 2019). The area that formerly housed a textile factory was revaluated by the conversion – made possible by the courageous building authority of the city of Dornbirn and by visionary developers, and shows how consolidating and building with generous green spaces within a city centre is possible. The communal garden of the estate that consists of 31 apartments in four buildings, a renting object with 25 apartments and a co-working space, extends through openings into the buildings. The self-supporting double-pillars for the support of the deep balconies create the façade image by interweaving with the horizontal balconies. Four old lime trees were relocated and integrated into the project.

Originality and longevity in architecture

Together with his team Marc Hoffenscher develops a unique and quite emotional architectural language. With its unusual architectural gestures the firm places stimulating statements into an architectural landscape that is still far too often bland and lacking character.

In this context originality is of essential relevance: We deliberately try not to pass on formal solutions from one project to the next. Each project is a chance to try out something new and to define and expand your very own architectural language. (Marc Hoffenscher in:, 19.11.2021)

Hoffenschers projects –encompassing all aspects of architecture, from property development and private residences, residential and office buildings to interior and furniture design – always create resonance, provoke and invigorate the architectural discourse. Trendy tendencies don’t have any priority, instead the focus is on a long-term approach:

We always have an eye on sustainability in our projects, but we do not mistake it with diffidence. We believe in sustainability through a long-term usage of our buildings. We hope they create distinctive places that are emotional enough to touch future generations. (Marc Hoffenscher on the occasion of the presentation of „Opal Award 2022“ for „Architectural Design of the Year“)

Marc Hoffenscher

grew up in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria) and studied at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna with Wolf D. Prix (Coop Himmelblau) and at Bartlett UCL College London with Colin Fournier. Until 2005 he worked for Eichinger Offices, Vienna and in 2007 he founded his own architecture firm Architekturbüro Hoffenscher Architekten in Dornbirn. In 2017 it was renamed Hoffenscher ZT GmbH – the firm has been located in a building designed by Hoffenscher since 2020. The firm is distinguished by its interdisciplinary work method that encompasses all design fields. The services cover all areas from the first draft to implementation planning and construction site support.



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